Due to the Covid19 restrictions Suspension of all PMEA activities, no new memberships are being accepted until further notice.

How to RENEW your PMEA Membership


You can view and download the Renewal Form and accompanying Instruction Letter for the 2020 – 2021 financial year by clicking on each image.  


Important Information

Holders of Historic Plates must be a financial member of a registered car club under the RMS rules, if your membership lapses then any vehicle on H-Plates will no longer be registered or covered by CTP insurance.  We encourage you to renew your PMEA membership before it lapses on June 30 each year.

RMS inspectors have recently been issuing fines at car shows and events in order to make sure H-Plated vehicles adhere to their standards for such vehicles.  PMEA requires that your historic vehicle is passed for registration only by a PMEA Inspector, who will inspect for both roadworthiness as well as compliance with RMS rules.  A Pink Slip inspection alone is insufficient for PMEA to finalise your Historic Vehicle Declaration.


You can find contact details for PMEA Inspectors on page 2 of our STAY TUNED magazine.  Click on the image on the Home page to view it.


So, dear Members, please don't forget to renew by June 30.  After that date, your vehicles on H-Plates will no longer be registered or covered by CTP insurance. 


Membership Officer: Dave Coupland email