About the club

Pittwater Motoring Enthusiasts Association (PMEA or the Club) was founded in 1994 on the
Northern Beaches and Pittwater region of Sydney. The Club fosters a friendship among
people with a shared interest in vehicles of all types both old and new, including cars,
motorcycles and other types of machinery and equipment.

The Club encourages the preservation, restoration, maintenance, use and display of historic vehicles and machinery.

Members and guests can attend fortnightly meetings and meet socially in a range of regular
events from our events calendar. The Club is very proud of its support, via donations, to
charitable organisations each year. A Club magazine is published online every two months.

Most importantly, the Club encourages members to be active participants, not just joining the
Club for the ‘cheap rego’.

Membership Applications are now being accepted. Information is provided below and (add) if you have further  questions about joining the Club, please contact Membership Officer, Dave  Coupland, by email at Please make sure to provide your phone number.

if you have further  questions about joining the Club, please contact Membership Officer, Dave  Coupland, by email at

Please make sure to provide your phone number.

*Joining at a Club General Meeting when Club meetings are permitted

Future Club meetings will be advertised on the PMEA website Home Page as Covid 19
Restrictions are lifted.

Prospective new members should acquaint themselves with Club Procedures, which can
be viewed on the PMEA website before deciding to join.

After agreement to Club Procedures, prospective new members must attend a General
Meeting to submit their Membership Application Form, which can be requested from
Membership Officer, Dave Coupland or obtained at a
General Meeting.

Prospective new members, at the beginning of a General Meeting, will be asked to formally
introduce themselves to the members and briefly talk about their interest in motoring and
share what vehicles they own. At the conclusion of the General Meeting, the Membership
Application Form can be given to the Membership Officer or a Club Official, together with the
$100 Joining and Membership Fee. The Treasurer will forward your receipt electronically.

Membership will be formally conferred to the prospective new member at the following
General Meeting, where their Membership Card will be ready for collection in person.

When membership is conferred by the Club, a Membership Card will be issued. This card
can be used as proof of Club Membership if the member wishes to apply for Historic Vehicle
Scheme (HVS) Registration. See Club website for full details.

New Membership Fees

New members will pay $100 which is made up of a Joining Fee of $50 plus the annual
Membership Fee of $50. Payment can be by cash, cheque or bank transfer as outlined on
the Membership Application Form. Membership is for a financial year which expires on June
30 each year. New members joining in May to June will be given full membership for the
next financial year.

New members are entitled to club regalia (PMEA polo from the Regalia Officer and name
badge from the Treasurer) as part of their Joining Fee after three months, subject to active
participation during that period.


The financial year is from July 1 to June 30. Renewal notices are communicated to members
via meetings, email, Club Magazine and/or post. Annual Renewal Fee is $50 payable by
cash, cheque or bank transfer.

It is anticipated that members will participate in Club meetings and events. The Club reserves
the right to decline renewal for members who, in the opinion of the committee, fail to engage
sufficiently in Club activities without good reason.

A person becomes an unfinancial member of PMEA and loses all voting rights if they fail to
renew before the due date of June 30.

A consequence of not renewing by June 30 means that you are no longer a financial
member of a Roads and Maritime Services registered car club. After this date, if you have
Historic Vehicle Registration it will be illegal to drive as your registration and insurances will
be invalid, not to mention potential associated fines.

Membership will lapse unless the Renewal Fee is paid by September 30. Late renewal may
incur a rejoining fee of $100.


All persons aged 16 years and above will be considered for membership to PMEA.